Empowerment & Sustainability

Where projects call for adherence to SANS 1162 specifications, J2HDI would take the following considerations in terms of our approach to Interior Design Finishes:-

Curtaining Workroom

J2HDI has been instrumental in setting up a curtaining workroom under Mrs Florence Nyathi. The machines are the property of J2HDI and Mrs Nyathi runs her own business using these machines. Mrs Nyathi employs 4 African women and manufactures superior quality curtaining for J2HDI as well as other designers and decorators. Mrs Nyathi has 15 years experience in this profession and has been running her own business now since 2010.

J2HDI endeavours to support Florence Nyathi for all curtaining and scatter cushions specified.

Fabrics for curtaining and upholstery

Sourcing of local fabrics for the required application wherever possible.

We support a South African fabric mill that offers work to approximately 300 employees with the following sustainability policies:-

  • Employee empowerment and common understanding of sustainability objectives
  • Reward system implemented out of eco-savings to improve work environment
  • Open communication between product designers and production line for promotion of most eco-friendly products and processes
  • Eco-suggestion boxes and eco-newsletter implemented for maximum employee involvement

General Furniture

Black, owner run small enterprises that deliver outstanding work to be favoured in the sourcing of upholstered and wooden furniture.

Artwork and Sculpture

Only local artists to be commissioned for prominent and original artworks and sculptures. These will furthermore reflect and preserve the local heritage.

Specialised products

Sourcing of specialised artefacts and commissioning for specialised decorative products from the immediate area wherever possible thereby acknowledging the intellectual property rights of third parties. These to include but not be limited to beaded, quilted and woven products according to design specifications and demands.

Natural and cultural heritage

In the Interior Design brief our company shall respect and research the natural and cultural heritage surrounding the site in order that these may be sensitively and appropriately implemented.


Imported products only to be used if a local equivalent is not available and then only if the design specification prohibitively excludes the use of an alternative that can be locally sourced.